Frequently Asked Questions

There are a common set of questions each customer has. We’ve answered a few of them here

What is SAMCO?

SAMCO is a Discount Stock Broker and Commodity Broker. It’s a low cost, technology driven stock broker with memberships across all leading stock and commodity exchanges in India including BSE, NSE, MCX-SX, MCX and NCDEX. You can place orders on SAMCO's platforms to buy or sell securities and your orders will receive the best possible trade execution.

Which financial products/instruments can I buy using SAMCO?

You can use SAMCO to invest or redeem your investments in publicly traded companies, global currencies, exchange traded funds, bonds and non-convertible debentures listed on Indian Exchanges. This is a list of over 5000 securities. You can also trade commodities listed on leading commodity exchanges in India.

What does the Name SAMCO mean?

SAMCO is an adopted modified version of the name Samruddhi. SAMCO is a Samruddhi group company. Samruddhi in Hindi means prosperity. Our Logo the swastika is associated with "Well-Being".

How is SAMCO different from other brokers?

SAMCO operates with a simple idea of using Technology to radically change the way customer's trade. We discard the excesses that existing traditional brokers use – such as legacy technology, hundreds of branches, and paper-based accounting and thereby reduce costs. The benefit of these cost reductions are passed back to you by way of fixed lower brokerage. Our thought process allows us to not charge you on percentage volume basis and without turnover or other monthly commitments.

Is SAMCO a SEBI and Exchange Registered Broker?

Yes. SAMCO is a SEBI and Exchange Registered Broker. Our Registration Numbers are as follows :
SAMCO Securities Limited - SEBI Reg. No. INZ000002535
SAMCO Commodities Limited - SEBI Reg. No. INZ0000013932
SAMCO Securities Limited - CDSL: IN-DP-CDSL-443-2008

What is the Samco StockNote 100% brokerage cashback offer for first month?

100% brokerage cash back will be provided on all transactions made using the Samco’s StockNote Platform for a period of 30 days from the date of first login on to the StockNote platform. This cash back will be given in the form of brokerage refund in the client ledger to eligible customers.

Why is this brokerage cash back given?

We believe, our customers should be given one month to try the StockNote Platform, so that they can experience never before seen features like personalised stock alerts, insight integrated giga trading, order placement assistance and much more on the StockNote platform at virtually no brokerage cost.

How will the Brokerage Cash Back Work? Are there any terms and conditions ?

Brokerage Cashback will be calculated on all transactions done using the StockNote Platform and will be refunded the very next day in customers ledger directly.

If you place 3 successful orders in SAMCO using the StockNote platform and the brokerage amounts to INR 60 (Rs.20 per order X 3 orders). The next day INR 60 will be credited to your ledger. Effectively making the transactions brokerage free for you.

When will the Brokerage Cash back begin? How do I calculate 30 days ?

The 30 days will start from the first login in date on the stock note platform. This is applicable for all accounts opened after 18th March 2018.

For Example:
You Logged in to the StockNote platform on 1st of April 2018, Your 30 days of brokerage cash back will start from 1st April 2018 and end on 30th April 2018 at 12 am Midnight. All Trades made during these 30 days using the Stock Note Platform are eligible for 100% Brokerage cash back.

Which trading platforms are eligible for the Brokerage Cash back?

Trades made using the SAMCO Web, Call and Trade Service , SAMCO Mobile, Desktop Platform, RMS Square Off and Second/Third Leg orders of Bracket orders are NOT Eligible for Brokerage cash back since these are not in essence placed from the StockNote platform. Usual brokerage as per the brokerage tariff sheet will be applied on placing orders from these platforms even during the 30 days of brokerage cash back eligibility. Brokerage Cash back is exclusively for orders placed using the new Stock Note Platform.

Is the Brokerage Cashback for trades made in all segments ?

Any Trades placed in all segments using the StockNote platform are eligible for Cash Back

Does the 100% brokerage cashback mean free brokerage or no brokerage for 1st month? What about STT and other taxes?

The 100% brokerage cashback offer ensures effectively no brokerage for the first month. All non-brokerage transaction charges like STT, GST, Stamp Duty, etc shall continue to be applicable and they shall not be refunded. Only the amount of brokerage applied in the contract notes, to the extent of orders placed through the StockNote platform shall be refunded by way of a ledger credit.

What happens after these 30 days of brokerage cash back?

After 30 days, the normal flat brokerage will apply which is flat Rs.20/- per executed order or 0.02% for derivatives or Intra-day or 0.2% for delivery of shares whichever is Lower. Detailed pricing for the same can be found on the pricing page of the SAMCO Website.

How do I Sign Up and Open an Account?

You can open an account with us in several ways :

  • You Can Visit our Online Application Page and fill up your form online.
  • You Can Download the Forms from our website, fill it up and send it to us.
  • You can Request a Call Back by filling in your contact details and we'll get in touch with you.
  • You can Call our sales team on +91 – 22 – 2222 7777 | +91 22 - 6169 9000.

Why Does SAMCO ask for My PAN, Birth Date and other details while opening an Account?

SAMCO is bound by SEBI Regulations and Exchange Compliances which require us to complete the KYC i.e. Know – Your – Customer details which require the above details as mandatory fields.

How much do I need to pay to open my account?

Account opening is completely FREE and no account opening charges are applicable.

What are the account opening document requirements?

You require the following documents for opening an account :

  • Photograph
  • PAN Card
  • Bank Details – Cancelled cheque or Bank Statement/Passbook copy
  • Aadhar Card (or alternative address proof such as Drivers license, Voter ID, etc)
  • Proof of Income (6 months bank statement or ITR Return or 3 months salary slip)

Are there any annual charges I need to pay?

There are no Annual Charges you need to pay for maintaining your Broking Account. However, you will need to pay an AMC of Rs. 400 per annum for your Demat account.

How long does "opening an account" take?

If you opt for our paperless account opening process, your account will be opened with 24 hours of completing the online process. You may still have to send us a couple of documents however that may not restrict your onboarding process.
In case of physical account opening - If all your documents are in order, your account will be opened within 24 hours of receiving the completed documents. Demat account takes a little bit longer but we endeavour to open the Demat account too within 48 hours.

Can I transfer stocks from my existing depository to my SAMCO account?

Yes, you can transfer your existing stocks from your existing Demat account to SAMCO's Trading or Demat Account provide your existing DP accounts (outside SAMCO) are mapped with us. Fill out an instruction slip with either your SAMCO Demat Details or SAMCO Client Beneficiary Account Details and send it to your existing DP and your stocks will get transferred to the SAMCO accounts.

How can I check my account opening status?

You can check your account opening status on our KYC Tracker.

What is the Brokerage you will charge?

SAMCO charges flat Rs. 20/Executed Order for All Segments. You can also avail of the benefit of the lower of Rs. 20/Executed Order or 0.02% (Derivatives Segment)/0.2% (Cash Segment) in case your trading volumes are low.

What is an Executed Order?

When you place an order which gets traded, it is called an executed order. At SAMCO you don't pay for placing, cancelling or modifying an order, you pay only per executed order.

What are the "Call & Trade" Charges?

Whenever an order is executed through our trading terminal a call and trade charge of Rs 20 + Taxes would be levied. The order gets executed from our trading terminal when you call any one of our dealers at +91 – 22 – 2222 7777 | +91 22 - 6169 9000 and execute a trade using dealer services and in case of RMS Sqaure offs for intraday and other sqaure offs.

What if my order gets partially executed i.e. I put in one order but it got executed in multiple trades?

SAMCO doesn't charge per trade but per executed order. So even if one order gets executed in multiple trades, its considered as one executed order and charged normally at Rs. 20.

What if I modify my order. Do I get charged for modification?

No. In case of modification, the order number remains the same as the original order and hence you shall not be charged in case you modify an existing pending order.

How is brokerage charged in case of expiry date settlements?

In case of expiry date settlement, brokerage will be applicable in case of exercised or assigned option trades. No brokerage will be applicable in case of expired options or settled futures trades.

Why do I need to pay for physical contract copies and how much is the amount?

SAMCO uses technology and processes to reduce trading costs for its customers. We try to cut out the fat that makes trading expensive which includes paper – accounting. We send all our customers digital contract notes of their trades. However, in case you insist for a copy, it is charged at Rs. 20 per copy + Applicable courier charges.

How can I Fund my SAMCO Trading account?

There are 3 ways to transfer funds to your trading account which are listed as under in order of ease :

  • By way of Payment Gateway on the SAMCO Trader or Back office.
  • By depositing funds by way of NEFT/RTGS to your trading account; You can find the transfer details in our Funds & DP section.
  • By depositing a cheque in your trading account.

How can I withdraw funds from my account?

You can place a withdrawal request for your funds by logging in your back office. Once authorised, the funds will be credited to your primary bank account.

How can I link additional bank accounts?

You can add additional bank accounts with your SAMCO Trading account by submitting a modification form and proof of account (cancelled cheque/bank statement/passbook copy). The modification form can be found in the downloads section of the SAMCO website.


Does SAMCO provide Intraday Margin Limits?

SAMCO provides Intraday Margin Limits. Margin limits differ for each stock. You need to select the Order type "MIS" while placing an order for availing intraday margin limits.
SAMCO has different margin requirements and leverage available for different segments as under :

EquitiesFor Intraday up to 33x depending on the product type and stock selected.
Up to 4x delivery leverage with SAMCO CashPlus.
Equity FuturesFor Intraday up to 80x depending on product type and contract selected.
Equity OptionsNo Leverage for purchase of options.
2x times margin for writing options intraday.
Currency FuturesFor Intraday up to 100x depending on product type and contract selected.
Currency OptionsNo Leverage for purchase of options.
2x times margin for writing options intraday.
Commodity FuturesFor Intraday up to 60x depending on product type and contract selected.
SAMCO clears with the exchanges on T day so overnight exchange margins are the lowest in the industry.

How much margin do I need to trade across segments?

In order to calculate the margin requirements across segments, use our Margin Calculator.

Do I get margin against shares with SAMCO?

Yes. You can get margin against shares with SAMCO with 2 products – IntraPlus or StockPlus. Refer our knowledge center article on margin against shares for complete information.

Does SAMCO provide delivery leverage?

Yes. SAMCO does provide delivery leverage up to 4x with the CashPlus product. Know more.


What are the options available to me to place my trades?

There are several alternatives for you to place your trades :

  • SAMCO Trader – Our Desktop .EXE Version for Windows.
  • SAMCO Web 5 – An HTML platform to allow you to place your orders on the move which functions on all web browsers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • SAMCO Mobile Application – Our Mobile Application for iOS and Android.
  • SAMCO Call & Trade – You can also Call & Trade by calling +91 – 22 – 2222 7777 | +91 22 - 6169 9000 from 9.00 AM – 11.55 PM.

Do I get technical tools in the platforms available?

Yes, Technical tools are available on the SAMCO Trader and SAMCO Web 5.

How do I install the SAMCO Trader?

You can install the SAMCO Trader by Clicking Here. For using the SAMCO Web 5, visit

I'm bound by corporate firewalls of my organisation and can't install the SAMCO trader application on the desktop? How do I trade?

You can use our SAMCO Web 5, the HTML trading platform which works perfectly fine even behind corporate firewalls.

What internet speed do I need to trade on the Web?

You'll need more than 512 kbps of internet speed for a smooth optimized trading experience.


What are the tools available in SAMCO?

SAMCO provides you with a lot of innovative tools which include Margin Calculators, Brokerage Calculators, Pledge Monitor, SAMCO Ratings Tool and many more to come.

What are the calculators available and what are their features?

Margin Calculators – Provides all the information pertaining to Margins whilst trading with SAMCO.
Brokerage Calculators – Helps you calculate your brokerage and other regulatory costs upfront.

What is the SAMCO Ratings Tool?

SAMCO Ratings Tool is the first and only Stock Rating tools in India. It uses an objective mechanism to evaluate and rate companies on a variety of different parameters including market analysis, earnings, balance sheet analysis, corporate governance and others. Use the SAMCO Ratings tool to identify whether your stock is an AAA rated stock or a C rated stock or a Penny Stock!.

What is the SPAN calculator and what is it used for?

The SPAN calculator is a tool to help you calculate your margin requirements before you trade a particular security or contract.

What is the "Pledge Monitor" and what is its importance?

Several large stocks have taken a beating and have ended up destroying shareholder wealth when promoters pledged stocks are invoked in the markets by their lenders. Several promoters borrow money by pledging their shares with lenders and when they default on their loans; the stock gets invoked resulting into depressed stock prices. SAMCO's proprietary Pledge Monitor helps you track which promoters are deeply indebted, which have borrowed more against their stock or which ones have repaid their loans and released their pledge on a quarter on quarter basis.


Where can I find the forms required to manage my account?

You can find the forms required to manage your account in the Downloads section.

If I need any help relating to my account, how can I get in touch?

If you need any help relating to your account, there are several ways to get in touch with us :

  • Call US - You can call us between 9.00 AM – 11.55 PM on +91 – 22 – 2222 7777 | +91 22 - 6169 9000.
  • You can raise a ticket with our Support Helpdesk.

What is the associate program? How does it work?

When you open a SAMCO account, you automatically become a SAMCO referral associate. This status gives you an opportunity to refer fellow friends, family and traders and setup a life time income stream. To join the program, you'll first need to join SAMCO as a customer and then you can start referring your friends and family. To know more, visit our Associate section.

What is the Call & Trade number?

You can Call & Trade at +91 – 22 – 2222 7777 | +91 22 - 6169 9000.

How to change your password?

You can change your password from the Account settings menu option.

How can you add segments for trading to your account?

To add segments for trading download the segment addition form, sign at the highlighted boxes and send to the following address - SAMCO Securities Limited
1004 - A, Naman Midtown, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone West, Mumbai 400 013.

How can you request for a DIS Slip book from your account?

To add segments for trading download the DIS request form, fill the required details, sign at the highlighted boxes and send to the following address - SAMCO Securities Limited, 1004 - A, Naman Midtown, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone West, Mumbai 400 013.

How does SAMCO protect my personal account information?

SAMCO takes your privacy very seriously and have tight controls in place to restrict access to your personal information. We will not use any of your information or distribute to third party marketers or vendors. Your personal information is fully secure with us at all times. Certain vendor or advisers may pose to be representatives of SAMCO and may offer you returns or schemes. Customers are cautioned against such unscrouplous parties and should not fall prey to such scams.

Are my assets safe with SAMCO?

SAMCO is a SEBI registered entity. As a fully compliant entity, your funds are always kept in a segregated account as per SEBI law. Your securities are held separately in your own Demat account maintained by SAMCO. You can check your account balances anytime from our Back office.

For how long has SAMCO been in business?

SAMCO has been in the Stock Broking business for over 20 years. SAMCO used to operate under the trade name Samruddhi until recently when it was rebranded to SAMCO to mark the next steps in our journey. We have been serving happy customers for over 20 years.

What is an eSAMCO paperless account?

With SAMCO, you can now open a trading account and begin trading without submitting physical documents and without a wet signature. Since the account opening process is completely paperless, it’s called a eSAMCO paperless account.

How do I open an eSAMCO paperless trading account?

To open an eSAMCO paperless trading account, log onto, enter details and your AADHAR number. An OTP will be sent to the email ID and mobile number linked to your AADHAR. Once you enter your OTP, your documents shall be digitally signed and you need not send a physical copy of all your documents.

Which documents cannot be digitally signed and will be required to be submitted physically?

As per Indian laws, power of attorney (for limited purposes of pay-in/pay-out and settlement obligations) and NACH mandate cannot be signed digitally and therefore will have to be signed and physically submitted. Until you submit these documents, your account shall be classified as a eSAMCO account. Only once you submit these documents, your account status shall change from eSAMCO to SAMCO.

What happens if the required documents are not physically signed and sent?

If you do not sign and send us the documents, your account will continue to be classified as an eSAMCO account and you will be subject to the following restrictions

  • Sale requests - eSAMCO account holders shall not be able to sell stocks for delivery in the cash markets without placing a “release for sell” request from SAMCO STAR. This is because since we do not have your power of attorney to move your stock from your Demat account, we cannot pay-in your shares for the purposes of exchange obligation of securities. This can result in an auction of your shares sold on account of non-delivery. Once a client places a special “release for sell” request from SAMCO STAR, that acts as an authorisation to move your stock from your DEMAT account for settlement against exchange obligation.
  • No Upgrades - eSAMCO account holders cannot upgrade to CashPlus, StockPlus and IntraPlus.
  • Minimum Balance - eSAMCO account holders will be required to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 1000.

What happens if the required documents later are physically signed and sent?

Once you send us the required documents, your account will be converted from an eSAMCO account to a normal SAMCO account and none of the restrictions as above will be applicable.

How do I place a “release for sell” request and how long is my “release for sell” valid till?

Placing a “Request for Sell” is completely FREE of COST. You can place a “release for sell” request from the SAMCO STAR from the Holdings Menu. Once you place a request, an OTP will be generated and sent to your registered email ID and mobile number which will have to be entered. Once your, OTP is validated, your request shall be sent for processing. It will take up to 30 minutes to process your request subsequent to which you shall be able to sell your stock. Please note that a request will have to be placed for each stock and requests shall be valid only for the same day. That is if stock is released and not sold, then a fresh request of “release for sell” will have to be placed on the following day. Once you submit the required documents and your account status is changed from eSAMCO to SAMCO, the above procedure will not be required to be followed.

Are there any restrictions for trading in the derivatives segment?

There are no restrictions whatsoever in the trading in the Equity Derivatives (NSE-F&O), Currency Derivatives (NSE-CFX) and Commodity Derivatives segments (MCX) for a eSAMCO/SAMCO Account. This is because trading in the derivatives segment doesn’t have any implications requiring a demat account/share settlement and hence is unaffected.

Are Brokerage/any other charges different for a eSAMCO account vis-a-vis SAMCO account?

No. All brokerage and expenses remain the same irrespective of whether its an eSAMCO or a SAMCO account.

Where do I need to send the documents?

You need to sign and send the documents to our office address

SAMCO Securities Limited
66/1, Samruddhi House, Bhaudaji Cross Road,
Opp. South Indian Gymkhana, Matunga CR,
Mumbai - 400 019, Maharashtra, India.
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