Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can I trade an IPO through a Discount Broker ?
  • Yes, you can always trade an IPO through a discount broker. Buying & selling an IPO becomes very easy once the trading and the demat account are set up appropriately.
  • 2. What are the benefit of buying & selling IPOs through a discount broker ?
  • Following are the benefits in buying and selling an IPOs through a discount broker. Reduced Brokerage Fee: Discount brokers charge a flat brokerage which is missing in case of full service brokers. Full service brokers usually charge %age brokerage and this incurs a lot of cost to an investors. So if any full service broker charge a brokerage of let say 0.03% then on a purchase of shares of worth of Rs 200,000 you end up paying Rs 600+ Taxes. In our case we charge a flat brokerage of Rs 20 + Taxes. Discount brokers therefore saves a lot of money of investors. Better Trading Platform: Usually discounts brokers don’t provide a good trading platform and experience but there are few discounts brokers like Samco, who are now focussing on delivering a world class trading platform and top notch user experience. Therefore narrowing down the gap between discount brokers and full service brokers.
  • 3. How is it possible to trade an IPO through a discount broker when SEBI has made mandatory to buy an IPO through ASBA ?
  • Technically Speaking, SEBI has made mandatory to buy an IPO through ASBA channel but there is no regulation on how any investor can sell an IPO allotted shares. Therefore, smart investors can always sell IPO allotted shares through a discount broker
  • 4. How can I buy and sell IPO through a discount broker ?
  • This is very easy, you need to do the following to buy and sell IPOs hasslefree with a discount broker. Open a trading & demat account with a discount broker. Open a trading account with a full service broker like banks which are offer IPO buying through ASBA route. While filling up the information for the demat account while opening an account with a bank, you need to give the details of demat account which is with the discount broker. Once your demat account is linked with the trading account of the bank then you simply buy and sell IPO. Investors need to understand that almost all brokers don’t charge any annual fee for trading account therefore having multiple trading accounts linked to a single demat account won’t incur any cost to investors. ,
  • 5. What documents are required to open an account with Samco ?
  • You need to submit the following documents for opening an account with Samco : Photograph PAN Card Bank Details – Cancelled cheque or Bank Statement/Passbook copy Aadhar Card (or alternative address proof such as Drivers license, Voter ID, etc) Proof of Income (6 months bank statement or ITR Return or 3 months salary slip)
  • 6. Do I need to submit PAN, Aadhar Number, and other information to open an account with samco to start trading IPOs ?
  • Yes, you need to submit PAN,Aadhar Number, & information which are sought by us from KYC(know your customer) purpose. SAMCO and all other brokers in India are bound by SEBI Regulations and Exchange Compliances which require us to complete the KYC details without any failure.
  • 7. What are the account opening charges ?
  • Account opening is completely FREE for all investors and no account opening charges are applicable.
  • 8. How long does "opening an account" take ?
  • If you opt for our paperless account opening process, your account will be opened with 24 hours of completing the online process. You may still have to send us a couple of documents however that may not restrict your onboarding process. In case of physical account opening - If all your documents are in order, your account will be opened within 24 hours of receiving the completed documents. Demat account takes a little bit longer but we endeavour to open the Demat account too within 48 hours.
  • 9. Can I transfer stocks from my existing depository to my SAMCO account ?
  • Yes, you can transfer your existing stocks from your existing Demat account to SAMCO's Trading or Demat Account provide your existing DP accounts (outside SAMCO) are mapped with us. Fill out an instruction slip with either your SAMCO Demat Details or SAMCO Client Beneficiary Account Details and send it to your existing DP and your stocks will get transferred to the SAMCO accounts.
  • 10. Are my assets safe with SAMCO ?
  • SAMCO is a SEBI registered entity. As a fully compliant entity, your funds are always kept in a segregated account as per SEBI law. Your securities are held separately in your own Demat account maintained by SAMCO. You can check your account balances anytime from our Back office.
  • 11. Is SAMCO a SEBI and Exchange Registered Broker ?
  • Yes. SAMCO is a SEBI and Exchange Registered Broker. Our Registration Numbers are as follows : SAMCO Securities Limited - SEBI Reg. No. INZ000002535 SAMCO Commodities Limited - SEBI Reg. No. INZ0000013932 SAMCO Securities Limited - CDSL: IN-DP-CDSL-443-2008
  • 12. What is an eSAMCO paperless account ?
  • With SAMCO, you can now open a trading account and begin trading without submitting physical documents and without a wet signature. Since the account opening process is completely paperless, it’s called a eSAMCO paperless account.
  • 13. What is the Brokerage you will charge ?
  • SAMCO charges flat Rs. 20/Executed Order for All Segments. You can also avail of the benefit of the lower of Rs. 20/Executed Order or 0.02% (Derivatives Segment)/0.2% (Cash Segment) in case your trading volumes are low.
  • 14. How can I Fund my SAMCO Trading account ?
  • There are 3 ways to transfer funds to your trading account which are listed as under in order of ease : By way of Payment Gateway on the SAMCO Trader or Back office. By depositing funds by way of NEFT/RTGS to your trading account; You can find the transfer details in our Funds & DP section. By depositing a cheque in your trading account.
  • 15. What to do incase you forget your password ?
  • In case you wish to reset your password, please visit the following pages :
  • 16. How can I withdraw funds from my account ?
  • You can place a withdrawal request for your funds by logging in your back office. Once authorised, the funds will be credited to your primary bank account.
  • 17. Does SAMCO provide delivery leverage ?
  • Yes. SAMCO does provide delivery leverage up to 4x with the CashPlus product.
  • 18. Does SAMCO provide Intraday Margin Limits ?
  • SAMCO provides Intraday Margin Limits. Margin limits differ for each stock. You need to select the Order type "MIS" while placing an order for availing intraday margin limits.
  • 19. How does SAMCO protect my personal account information ?
  • SAMCO takes your privacy very seriously and have tight controls in place to restrict access to your personal information. We will not use any of your information or distribute to third party marketers or vendors. Your personal information is fully secure with us at all times. Certain vendor or advisers may pose to be representatives of SAMCO and may offer you returns or schemes. Customers are cautioned against such unscrupulous parties and should not fall prey to such scams.
  • 20. How is SAMCO different from other discount brokers & full service brokers ?
  • We principally believe that by using technology, intelligence & smartness, we can optimize the systems to reduce cost and thereby passing on the benefits to customers. Traditional brokers used technology which had hundreds of branches and thousands of manpower. Whereas we’re using technology to overcome above mentioned liabilities. We’re using Giga Trading Technology to improve the trading experience. We don’t have offices and branches in any other cities except Mumbai & we have employed only those number of people which are required to deliver seamless user experience to traders and investors. The benefit of these cost reductions are passed back to you by way of fixed lower brokerage. Our thought process allows us to not charge you on percentage volume basis and without turnover or other monthly commitments.


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