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Samco Leverage Products

SAMCO’s unique and powerful leverage products are built to cater to all types of traders. Our leverage products ensure that traders maximise the efficiency of their capital and never have to miss a trade for want of it.

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Some features that make utilising our leverage products
extremely simple

Lowest Brokerage Charges in India - Samco

Brokerage Flat Rs. 20 per executed order only. No conditions apply

Online Pledging and Unpledging of Stocks

Simplified online pledging and unpledging
of stocks

Flexibility to Sell Stocks

Flexibility to sell
stocks anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. SAMCO enables clients to get delivery funding in the equity segment with its product CashPlus
Yes. SAMCO enables clients to get trading margin against shares with product – StockPlus.
Subscription is a very simple process. You simply need to go to our back office SAMCO STAR
to the subscription section.

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