29 Reasons to Trade with SAMCO!

Transform your trading experience.

29 Reasons to Trade with Samco
  • 1

    Savings In Brokerage

    Trade at Rs.20 per Order across all segments and irrespective of Order Size. No Terms & Conditions Apply! Check our Brokerage Calculator.

  • 2

    Get Delivery Trades Funded!

    A Lack of Funds should not hinder you from buying shares! Get up to 4X Leverage to hold shares as long as you wish! Go check the list of scrips!

  • 3

    A Zero Balance Trading Account

    Pledge Shares & make Intraday Trades! No Need to maintain any Cash Collateral Ratio! Go calculate your margins!

  • 4

    Unlock the Value of your Shares

    With SAMCO StockPlus, get margins to take overnight positons with ABSOLUTELY ZERO BALANCE, whether it be selling options or buying futures! Simply pledge shares and trade!

  • 5

    Advanced Trading Terminals

    Trade via a state of the Art Desktop EXE Platform, Browser or Smartphone!

  • 6

    Highest Leverage in the Industry!

    Get 80x Leverage to trade the NIFTY! Check our Margins for all Contracts to be pleasantly surprised!

  • 7

    FREE Online Account Opening

    Simply enter your Details and open your Account! It takes no more than 5 minutes and its completely FREE.

  • 8

    The SAMCO Knowledge Centre

    All the Information on markets & SAMCO Platforms you will ever need right on your fingertips!

  • 9

    India’s Best Support Team

    Contact us by Phone, Ticket or Social Media. We will be glad to be of assistance!

  • 10

    SAMCO Star Back Office

    An extremely user friendly and intuitive Back Office to give you reports and track your portfolio!

  • 11

    Advanced Order Types

    Place Cover Orders & Bracket Orders to get higher leverage and manage risk better! And trade with the only Broker in India to have the Bracket Order for the MCX!

  • 12

    SAMCO Caution Watchlist

    We do not advise you on what to buy, but we definitely advise you on what NOT to buy! After all buying on tips is hazardous for health.

  • 13

    Margin Calculators

    Calculate the margins required to make any trade & plan accordingly!

  • 14

    All Tutorials Online

    Video demos to teach you how to use SAMCO Trading Platforms! Available 24/7!

  • 15

    Intraday & Historical Charts

    From Intraday charts to Historical Charts for the past 25 years, we have them all!

  • 16

    SAMCO Referral Program

    Help a friend save brokerage & get 20 free Trades & 10% of the friends Brokerage for life! No Questions Asked!

  • 17

    SAMCO Option Fair Value Calculator

    Demystify option trading with a few clicks! Plan your scenarios and get possible option values with the Black Scholes formula!

  • 18

    Resilient Hardware Infrastructure

    Multi-Channel exchange connectivity with failsafe’s in place to ensure you’re connected to markets with 99.99% uptime!

  • 19

    Largest Intraday Trading Universe!

    Make Intraday Trades in over 500+ stocks with up to 15x leverage!

  • 20

    Multi Market Access

    Trade all markets from a single screen!

  • 21

    Giga Trading Engine©

    Get Free access to SAMCO's Proprietary Giga Trading Engine through the Stock Note Platform, Giga Trading is an engine that combines artificial intelligence (AI), powerful computing and analytical technology to identify opportunities, trends and patterns from the ocean called stock markets and present these as simple, filtered and actionable ideas.

  • 22

    Stock Note App©

    Get Access to the Giga Trading Engine on your Mobile phone and on Web platform through the StockNote App. Download StockNote App Now.

  • 23

    Customized Experience

    Customize your stock market experience like never before with StockNote .

  • 24

    Conversational Order Placement

    Let the StockNote App tell you whats next while placing an order.

  • 25

    Smart Notifications

    Never miss an opportunity in the stock market with Smart Stock Market Notifications.

  • 26

    Trigger Alerts

    Get intelligent trigger alerts for price moments, Pending Orders and More.

  • 27

    Simplified Market Analysis

    Complex market data and information, presented in the most simplistic way on the StockNote Feed.

  • 28

    Easy for Beginners

    One Step on boarding process that makes stock trading and Investing easy for beginners.

  • 29

    100% Brokerage Cash back for the first time

    Exprience the StockNote Platform and get 100% Brokerage cash back for the 1st month on all orders placed from StockNote platform.

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